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Why use a Project Manager?
Using a project manager relieves you of the burden of trying to run the project whilst carrying on with normal life, the project manager is a building professional used to dealing with contractors and the problems that can, and often do, arise during a build project.
What is a building contract and why use one?
Over the years professionals in the building industry have put together a number of standard building contracts designed to protect both the clients and contractors interest’s during the construction process. They contain the terms of the contract, such as agreed cost, contract period, how additions are priced, etc. Standard contracts are available for all sizes of project from a simple house extension to a multi million pound shopping centre, your project manager will advise you on the most suitable to use for your project.
Why prepare specifications?
It is advisable to prepare as full a specification for your project as possible before going through the tender process, by preparing a full specification there will be fewer areas of misunderstanding between the you and your contractor and it is less likely that there will be additional costs. It is also helpful for the builder as he knows what he is tendering for right from the start and means that all builders who give a price are pricing for the same job without assumptions being made by them.
Why go out to tender and obtain prices from more than one builder?
By going out to tender you can get the most competitive price for the job. Tendering ensures the lowest costs but it does not mean that you have to use the cheapest. The process is designed to find the best contractor for the job.
What is Snagging?
Snagging is an informal expression used within the construction industry. It is used to describe the process of defect identification and resolution where one of our representative’s checks over the new works after practical completion identifying any minor faults they notice. A list is then drawn up which is then agreed and signed by both parties, client and builder. Any faults identified must then be rectified before the final handover.
CvW Associates will carry out snagging for you on any new project you have had carried out regardless of any previous input.
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